Columbia - Mompós - Lizard


Mompós1 is a sleepy town on an island in the Rio Magdalena. There are no bridges to Mompós, making it relatively inaccessible and not a popular tourist destination. I took a slow ferry to the island in sweltering heat, arriving in the evening just as bats started swooping around Iglesia de Santa Barbara. Mompós is stranded in an early 20th century time warp–the town’s well-preserved colonial buildings are still being used for their original purposes, and the pace of life is slow. I spent my time in Mompós simply wandering, relaxing, and absorbing the charming atmosphere.

  1. Mompós is historically notable for being the first town in South America to declare its independence from Spain. Simón Bolívar, who stayed in Mompós for a period during his liberation campaign, famously said: “While to Caracas I owe my life, to Mompós I owe my glory.”