Columbia - Medellín - Metrocable to Santo Domingo


Medellín is a vast, contemporary city located in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains. Unlike Cartagena and Mompós, few colonial buildings remain in Medellín. The Centro is dominated by high-rise buildings, parks and plazas, and modern works of art. Medellín has invested heavily in public works, including cable cars to low-income neighborhoods on the surrounding mountains. I rode the Metrocable to Santo Domingo for a nice view of the city. Other highlights were a Pablo Escobar tour and the Botero sculptures outside of Museo de Antioquia and Palacio de la Cultura. In the evenings I enjoyed the nightlife near the Zona Rosa, a trendy part of the city. Once associated with drugs and violence, Medellín has remarkably transformed itself into a safe and vibrant city.