Columbia - Guatapé - Street


Guatapé is a small, picturesque town a couple of hours from Medellín. The town rests on a lake created in part by the construction of a hydroelectric dam that supplies 30% of Colombia’s electricity. La Piedra Del Peñol, a tall granite monolith with a spiral staircase (644 steps), offers impressive views of the artificial lakes surrounding Guatapé. I went on a boat trip for a closer look at the beautiful scenery and to visit La Manuela, Pablo Escobar´s bombed-out lakeside mansion. Afterwards I walked along Guatapé’s waterfront boardwalk, which is lined with vendors selling Paisa art and food. In town the colorful buildings are adorned by art depicting the business. (For example, a bakery shop is decorated with a baker and baked goods.) The highlight of my stay in Guatapé was canyoning to a waterfall on a serene mountainside, and then drinking with the guide and his friends afterwards.