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2012 Brazil Trip

During the summer of 2012 I traveled to Brazil with my sister to visit my dad and stepmom. We stayed for five nights at my dad’s home in Presidente Prudente, and then spent 2.5 weeks traveling from Fortaleza to Salvador. In addition to spending time with my family, highlights of the trip included partying with locals in Fortaleza after a soccer match, exploring Jericoacoara on a dune buggy, and joining a procession of drummers and dancers in the streets of Salvador. The places we visited are mapped and listed below.

Destination Arrival
1 Presidente Prudente, Brazil June 29, 2012
2 Fortaleza, Brazil July 4, 2012
3 Jericoacoara, Brazil July 7, 2012
4 Praia de Pipa, Brazil July 11, 2012
5 Olinda, Brazil July 13, 2012
6 Salvador, Brazil July 16, 2012
7 Morro de São Paulo, Brazil July 19, 2012
8 Gamboa, Brazil July 19, 2012

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