Mexico - Baja California Sur - The Beach

Baja California

My final days of 2013 were spent enjoying the sun and sea in Baja California. I started my journey in Tijuana and traveled to Cabo Pulmo, a marine preserve with an untouched coral reef near the southern tip of the peninsula. Then I headed north and welcomed 2014 in La Paz before returning home. The places I visited are mapped and listed below. Highlights of the trip included camping on the beach, sea kayaking to offshore islands in the Sea of Cortez, hiking through narrow slot canyons, snorkeling at Cabo Pulmo, and eating fish tacos daily.

1Tijuana, MexicoDecember 20, 2013
2Ensenada, MexicoDecember 21, 2013
3San Ignacio, MexicoDecember 22, 2013
4Playa Escondida, MexicoDecember 23, 2013
5Loreto, MexicoDecember 27, 2013
6Todos Santos, MexicoDecember 28, 2013
7Cabo Pulmo, MexicoDecember 29, 2013
8La Paz, MexicoDecember 31, 2013
9Mulege, MexicoJanuary 2, 2014
10Santa Rosalía, MexicoJanuary 2, 2014
11Cataviña, MexicoJanuary 3, 2014